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On The Wall - June 2023

Aynsley & Nancy Holmes

This month is a family affair! 

Aynsley was raised in Mallorytown. She inherited her talent from her grandfather & mother. Aynsley’s journey began in Acrylics, however her newly discovered love is stippling (using small dots to create a desired image), and the joys of pen & ink. Her inspiration is mostly found in the fantasy world, where possibilities are endless. Aynsley enjoys the challenge of creation with shadow’s and light.

Nancy was raised in Mallorytown. Her talent was inherited from a long line of art dabblers, and she is self-taught. She moved to Brockville in 1977 and was trained in the culinary arts while working full time and raising four daughters.

After retirement she took up the brush in January 2021 and started her acrylic journey. Nancy’s inspiration blossomed in many forms. Nancy’s beliefs, values and memories bring her to an empty canvas. She is able to transfer images and create and share her passion. It’s not what we have in life, but what we leave behind. Her work can be found on ‘Let’s Paint Brockville’ (Facebook) with local and international sales.

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