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On The Wall - February 2024

Sandra Taylor

Sandra Taylor grew up in Ottawa and is currently based in Brockville. Watercolours have been a preferred medium since she was a kid. She loves how challenging they are and the unexpected, magical, immediate quality of painting with watercolours. Sandra's work is often inspired by the natural world and the imagination. This free-flowing watercolour series was an effort to create paintings from my imagination. Walking and time spent in nature informed the paintings. I wanted to make art that was uplifting and gave me some space to be many of them were meant to generate a feeling of calm and renewal. Even though I'd usually have a loose vision in mind before starting to paint, every piece was a sort of meditation on the unknown; I was often surprised by what each painting evolved into.  I aimed to keep them all of a playful spirit, but they do each have a different feeling depending on the season, my mood, and the colours that spoke to me in the moment.

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