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On The Wall - February 2023

Hermann Wenghofer

Herman Wenghofer was born in 1944 near Salzburg in Austria. The scenic city and countryside attracted many world class artists, giving him an opportunity to observe and ask questions and learn to see landscapes through the eyes of some of these great painters. High school art classes developed Herman’s interest in painting the landscapes formed by the rivers, lakes, and villages between the central mountains of the Alps. While studying in Munich he supplemented his part-time art store job by selling his work to tourists in the Schwabing Art District near the university. After his studies, Herman re-located to Canada and became fascinated with the ruggedness of the Canadian Shield and the variety of landscapes across North America. Since retiring in 2009 he has focused on landscape painting in the Haliburton region. He moved to Brockville in 2016 and joined the Brockville Artists Studio.

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