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Welcome to the Fishwrapper!

The goal of the the Fishwrapper is let everyone know what's happening in our arts communities. We want your story and calendar submissions! Use the links below to provide your submission info:

STORY SUBMISSIONS (link not active yet!)

If you have a special event or arts/entertainment interest story you would like to see in the Fishwrapper, please upload your story and photos through this link. Preferred format is Word or PDF (300-500 word limit) and .JPG or .PNG for photos. 

Writing Support Services: Don't have time to do your own write-up? Got a bad case of writer's block? Our in-house writers can help! For the ridiculously low cost of $0.05 per word they can help you say what you want to say to the world. Yes, sesquipedalian is only 5 cents. 



We accept calendar events for all arts events (performing arts, visual arts, written word, etc...) Make sure you submit for publication the month BEFORE your event. For example, if you have an event happening March, the latest you can submit it to us is February 15.

If you have an event at the beginning of a month consider submitting 2 months in advance. For example, if you have an event the first week of April, submit it in February in time for the March issue to give people enough time to see it. We will put that event in both the prior and month of issues.

ADVERTISING (link not active yet!)

Advertising is what keeps us going! If you are interested in placing in ad in the Fishwrapper please click on the link above or contact Tim (

Contact Us

Interested in submitting content or advertising in the Fishwrapper? We are always looking for the next big thang - get in touch with us now!

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